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Lee Collins – Successful Direct Response Marketing Online and Offline Since 1999

Lee Collins – Successful Direct Response Marketing Online and Offline Since 1999

Are you tired of hiring “consultants” who never quite hit the mark? They make enormous promises and at the end of the day nothing ever quite works out like you thought it would?

Maybe you don’t need another slick and polished consultant in a $5,000 custom suit..

Maybe you just need someone with the expertise who can advise you on what needs to be done without all the hype.

People say I have a gift for bringing calm to chaos and for making the complicated things seem simple, all in a “Down Home Zen” kind of way.

I’m not slick. I’m not polished.

But, for nearly 20 years now, I am known as “the guy who gets shit done”.

Here are a few things people have said about me:

“he QUADRUPLED my income that first month”
“can actually write great copy that really sells”
“increase my business leads by over 300%”
“made me feel welcome and not out of my league”
“you have probably helped every person you come in contact with”
“simple, easy to follow pathway to success”
“You’ve inspired me and many others”
“actually lives up to and goes beyond their word”
“I personally recommend it, and you, to all my clients”
“You are a light in this strangely dim world, Lee Collins”
“you have saved my marketing and business life”
“You are a beautiful human being, Lee Collins”
“the smart ones listen and never look back”
“An awesome resource to anyone’s arsenal”
“You helped me feel a sense of worth when I was a teenager”
“I look forward to a long, profitable relationship”
“this man right here is the motherfucking TRUTH”
“Lee, Alan and crew, I stand behind them 100% and I love ’em”
“Lee is one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met”
“The dude is just crazy weird smart”
“It’s not often that someone like Lee passes your way”
“You will be shocked at your results”

Yes, those are great results. But I simply think of myself as a probability enhancer.

All I really did was leverage my background, skills and knowledge to build the necessary automated systems and processes to shift the odds in favor of their desired outcome.

I built my reputation by being honest and over-delivering, and people know I’m the guy they can trust when the chips are down and they need results.

Here are a few examples:

  • When the world’s largest Search Engine Optimization training Company desperately needed a turnaround to dig out of over a million-dollar hole, they called me.
  • When the world’s largest Social Media training company wanted to expand their student base, increase their credibility and get more sales, they called me.
  • When an innovative and industry-changing video platform had an urgent need to to launch ahead of their competition and be profitable within 45 days or less, they called me.
  • When a legacy 30-year, worldwide marketing franchise needed someone they could trust to help them re-launch their global brand, and do it fast, they called me.
  • When one of the world’s largest corporate growth and training companies experienced slow sales and needed an all-new email marketing strategy, they called me.
  • When the fastest-growing martial arts franchise on the planet needed marketing advice, they called me.
  • When a $100 Million digital arbitrage company wanted to grow their business faster, they called me.
  • And on and on…

As Liam Neeson would say, “I have a very particular set of skills.”

Company owners of all sizes have called me their “secret weapon” for almost 2 decades.

Here are a few of my proudest moments…

Helped a small manufacturer win a government bid that resulted immediately in a 40,000 piece order.

Featured speaker at Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen’s “Cash in a Flash” private workshop

Helped an online training company restructure and turn monthly losses into over $750,000 in revenue.

Being hand-picked by Frank Kern as one of his first 20 proteges. (Look how young we both look – LOL)

Spoke on stages around the world, teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their revenue with digital marketing.

Married my beautiful wife, my greatest accomplishment, after surviving a widow-maker heart attack in 2014.

People believe marketing is expensive and difficult.

Yes, it can be – if you do it wrong.

Fortunately, there is a formula. A system.

And, even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body, or if you have tried before and failed, I’m here to tell you that you can get results.

My mission is to share this system with you.

I enjoy being the person who shows the “suits” new tricks, but there is nothing I love more than helping small business owners succeed.

I always got your back.


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