The Day My Life Changed Forever

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It was March 3, 2012. I had started going to a Law of Attraction Meetup in Oklahoma City 5 months earlier in October 2011. Mainly to be around like-minded people to share and discuss ideas and thoughts about life. It was a great group. Our organizer’s name was Andrea Foster. The group was mostly 50+ year old ladies but we … Read More

The Systemagician?

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Today is a day of reflection for me. As I sit here in my apartment in Marietta, Georgia listening to the happy clamor of Levi playing Lego Batman on XBox, I am reminded of some of my best times ever personally and professionally. You see, for over a decade I have been teaching the simplicity of marketing using proven systems. … Read More

What is enthusiasm to you?

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Today I was thinking about enthusiasm. According to Google, enthusiasm is defined as “intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval”. This led me to think about being at events where they encourage you to shout and yell and scream and jump “to show your enthusiasm”. (Mostly marketing events, but some other non-marketing events as well.) My thoughts? People show enthusiasm … Read More

Love is Not a Transactional Event

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I once heard tale of a young lady asking her new husband “why don’t you tell me you love me more often?” and the gentleman responded “I told you I love you once. If anything changes I will let you know.” It makes for a funny story, and I doubt I would ever carry my belief to that extent but … Read More

He pulled a gun on me at a marketing event

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First, I am not going to name names. Not of the person or the event. The location hosts many events so that is a pretty safe thing to name without giving it all away. For those of you who were there I ask that you don’t name names either, and if you feel you must, please do so outside my … Read More

You Don’t Get Many Second Chances

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The phone call I just finished urged me to “come speak at my event next weekend”. And I said yes. The problem was I only had maybe $16 in cash to my name. My bank account was negative. And the event was in Las Vegas. I lived in Michigan at the time and flights would be at least $300 if … Read More

When Everybody Wins, Everybody Loses

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When I was in high school we didn’t have repeated school shootings. It’s a fact. Google it – the years were 1985-1989. And for you anti-gun people who get upset because you don’t find any school shootings reported during this time period to be outraged about, please realize this is not because it’s any kind of spin, much to your … Read More