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Who is Lee Collins?

Lee is the marketer other marketers call when they have a marketing problem.

Since 1999, Lee has been a trusted advisor to small and medium companies, Fortune 500’s, congressmen and has also helped regular folk around the world start and grow their own business as part of his outreach programs.

Always a forward-thinker, Lee is the creator of the world’s first text message autoresponder and made waves around the marketing world with his Hybrid Marketing systems (a term he coined in 2008) that combined online and offline marketing in ways never before seen, resulting in millions in sales for his clients, students and partners.

Today, Lee’s main focus is as the co-founder of PackWagon Co., a strategic digital marketing agency, and also working with his private clients.


Universities, Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, accountants, PR Firms, non-profits, marketers,
lawyers, government agencies, small businesses, and everyone in-between. Here are just a few…

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