Recent Case Studies

I build automated Repeat Profit Systems for clients.  The sample Case Studies below are just a few of the results our clients have experienced. 

ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment * 100. If the client paid us $10,000 and made $30,000, ROI is 200%.

Month 1 ROI: 220%
We created a Repeat Profit System for this client with a small list that was described as “traditionally a non-buying list”. We were able to achieve a Return on Investment of just over 200% in the first month, the most money ever made from the customer list. Next steps: 1) grow the list, 2) create more conversions.
Month 1 ROI: 490%
This client had not created a new product in over a year, so the list was not accustomed to buying products beyond their first purchase, and maybe an occasional affiliate promotion. He couldn’t believe such a simple Repeat Profit System process produced a 5-figure cash surge for his business in only 4 days. (My reply to the client, “Wait until next month when we repeat this process!”)
Month 1 ROI: 540% | Month 2 ROI: 430%
This was a fairly large and active customer list. We implemented the Repeat Profit System and enjoyed fantastic results. With this client we also ran paid ads with an average return of $7 for every $1 spent on advertising. Again, because this process compounds over time as we add more to the system, we anticipate the results to continue to grow from here.

NOTE: This is NOT an earnings claim. I’m not saying you can or will make the stated Return on Investment (ROI) when we implement a Repeat Profit System in your business. I’m just sharing with you a case study of what I have done for other companies and hopefully it will give you some ideas of the results you could experience your business when you work with us. If you have a customer list of at least 10,000 people and want to discuss how to grow your revenue, schedule your call now.