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The Challenge:

After the founders split, the company was bleeding money and needed a turn-around FAST. They had also lost the confidence of customers and affiliate partners.


The Strategy:

The company had a vast amount of assets but had split their focus away from SEO in too many directions. As a result sales were low, about 3% conversions. We re-focused to their core strength, and built out their back-end Repeat Profit Systems, and implemented an aggressive strategy to improve conversions and restore confidence.


The Results:

In less than 2 months we increased the company’s conversions by 1%, and their monthly earnings by over $20,000. This put the company on a path to recover, and also re-gaining trust among their customers and affiliate partners. After 19 months together we helped create over $750,000 in additional repeatable earnings, putting the company into a profitable position.

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