Let me ask you 3 quick questions…
  1. Do you feel like you’re great at what you do, but nobody is listening?
  2. Do you feel like an underdog and you never seem to get the “big deals”?
  3. Do you feel like every time you get a little extra money something happens to take it all away?

I understand. I’ve been there. But don’t worry, all hope is not lost.

lee-collins-testimonialI wonder if you can imagine…

People start listening to you, without you having to be all “salesy” they know your strength and power and they simply won’t be able to ignore you. Suddenly, you find bigger deals magnetically attracted to you almost like magic. And, best of all, how nice would it be to have enough money in the bank to handle 99% of any unexpected circumstances without going negative ever again?

That’s the power of a Repeat Profit System.

Here’s the thing…

If you don’t start taking your business seriously, you will be trounced by someone who does. (Maybe you’re already experiencing this.)

If so, I’d bet dollars to donuts they have an advisor, mentor, expert or coach telling them step-by-step how to kick your ass. It may even be me (and if that’s the case I feel for you because it’s nearly impossible to compete against a full-powered Repeat Profit System)

But, right here and now, you have the power to balance things in your favor. Isn’t it time to turn the tables?

Play Bigger. Step Into Your Power:

Option 1: Lee Collins (and His Team) Help You Build Your Very Own Repeat Profit System

What you get: This is Lee’s most requested and most exclusive service! It’s you and Lee, on the phone, up to once per week, hammering out the path to your Repeat Profit System up, running and profiting for you!

What is a Repeat Profit System? Imagine a 12-Part system that enables you to work about a week (or less) per month and earn enough in that time to cover all your monthly expenses, and possibly much more. It looks a little like this (note: not all parts are shown, those details are reserved for client eyes only):repeat-profit-system-high-level-overview2

Each “Cash Infusion Cycle” goes through 4 distinct phases, with each cycle building on the last.

Then every month we repeat this process, and the results start to compound on themselves through automation until, finally, everything runs on  almost full auto-pilot with you only having to “check in” for a few hours each month just to be sure everything is working as it should.

Sound confusing? It’s simpler than you think, PLUS my team handles (almost) every detail for you.

joseph-michael-july5th-testimonialSound like a crazy, pie-in-the-sky dream? The reality is I’ve been building these for myself and my clients for almost 15 years, and the results are often seen as “magical” or “impossible”.

THAT is the power of a systemized approach to automated systems, enabling you to “do it once, get paid forever”. And, with modern technology, every year they continue to work better than ever! (Most people make 3-5x their investment the first month.)

BUT – this is not for newbies or people with a list size of less than 10,000 people. You must also have high-quality products or services. No exceptions.

IMPORTANT: There is a minimum 3-month commitment to begin, and the first 3 months of building the full Repeat Profit System is where the most work is required. So, if you’re not ready to get serious about building a complete Repeat Profit System in your business, please don’t waste either of our time. Nothing in this statement is an income claim and your experiences may be vastly different. Lee reserves the right to refuse service if he doesn’t believe you or your products/services are a good fit.

If you want to know more, let’s talk.

Option 2: Personal Mentoring With Lee Collins

If building a complete Repeat Profit System is out of reach right now – either financially or you don’t quite meet the minimum requirements – maybe Personal Mentoring with Lee is a better fit…

What you get: Do you need someone experienced to bounce ideas off of? Need to pick the brain of a 20-year veteran marketing and business strategist? Just need someone to talk with who understands your struggles as an entrepreneur? Need someone on retainer to review and critique your sales letters, offers or funnels?

Whatever you need, we will dig deep into where you are versus where you want to be. We’ll laugh. We may even cry – hey, everything isn’t sunshine and roses. But at the end of the day we’ll get shit done and make a difference in your business, and your life. (My end goal is to graduate you to a place where you can step up into having a Repeat Profit System built for you, but it’s not a requirement.)

felicia slattery lee collins natalie collins

Occasionally my wife Natalie (she’s a badass) and I will co-mentor a client, depending on your needs.

You get the benefit of the depth and breadth of almost 20 years of knowledge and experience in creating over $311 Million dollars in revenue for my clients, students and myself to help you achieve your wealth, happiness and success goals.

Plus, everything is 100% confidential. (The Air Force trusted me with an above-top-secret clearance, so you can bet your secrets are safe with me.)

Lee works with a limited number of 1-on-1 students, and is very particular about the folks with whom he chooses to work. If you would like to be considered, please schedule a call to speak with Lee.

Pricing Starts at $7500/month

Option 3: Training Products, Courses & Systems

If you aren’t yet ready to afford the premium services above, or are more of a “try to do it myself” person, you will find training products, courses and systems are available at the links below. All the training is multimedia in some combination of pdf, audio, video so you can watch and learn at your convenience. You get no direct contact with Lee, but his Help Desk is available Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm ET to answer any valid questions you may have about the training.

Note: Lee believes this is the least desirable route, which is why Lee doesn’t produce many courses. But if you are on a limited budget it gives you someplace to start with quality, time-proven training and solutions. Never theory.

• Visit Repeat Profits Academy
• Visit Selling Lab

Option 4: Live, In-Person Workshop

What you get: The best of both worlds, Lee and his special guests teaching their best and most closely-guarded strategies, in a room with you and no more than 11 other students. These live workshops are 100% “no-pressure-from-stage” events, meaning you won’t have people beating you over the head from stage to try to get you to buy their stuff. The speakers may mention things they have available for you to buy, but the focus is on TEACHING, not selling. (Anyone who violates this rule is never invited back.)

When is the next Live event? These events are rarely open to the public, so you must join the Repeat Profits mailing list for information about upcoming classes and live events. Worry not, we won’t flood your inbox with crap. In fact, we only send about one email per week, and sometimes we get lazy and won’t mail for weeks – but it’s always good stuff that you’ll want to read when it lands in your inbox. Guaranteed.

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