Fix This Next Mike Michalowicz


From Mike Michalowicz, the author of PROFIT FIRST, CLOCKWORK, and THE PUMPKIN PLAN, comes the ultimate diagnostic tool for every entrepreneur.

Fix This Next Mike MichalowiczThe biggest problem entrepreneurs have is that they don’t know what their biggest problem is.

As a result, unfortunately most entrepreneurs are too busy addressing all the apparent and urgent issues, to know what the company’s vital need is. If you fall into that category, the most important book you can read now is Fix This Next. It will get you on the path of doing the impactful things for fast, healthy business growth.

In Fix This Next, you will:

  1. have a system to pinpoint your businesses most vital need,
  2. have steps to track the improvement of the vital need,
  3. be able to pick the next vital need and the next after that, and…
  4. have a simple, methodical method to grow your business to your vision.

If you need any help leveraging Fix This Next to identify your most vital need, break through bottlenecks, and get out of your own way to grow and scale your business, let’s talk.

As one of only 20 “Founding Fixers” in the world, I have been certified by Mike Michalowicz in the Fix This Next process to help you get clarity on what to fix now and what to fix NEXT to level up your business. Then, when your business is ready, we can (optionally) layer our my own time-proven S3 Method for maximized growth and predictable scale.

It’s a powerful combination.

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