Your Inner Game is not your problem

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Pssssst… it’s NOT your Inner Game that’s the problem.

It’s your belief that you have some Inner Game holding you back, that’s the problem.

It’s your belief that there’s some piece of the puzzle you’re missing.

It’s your belief that you still have things to do or lessons to learn.

These are all problems you are creating belief systems around. Belief systems that keep you safe.

Safe from harming yourself or others. (Also safe from achieving beyond your wildest fucking dreams.)

If you believe you know all the technical things that you need to know, and for some reason you’re still not achieving at the level you believe you “should” be, then YES you do have a mindset problem.

But not in the way you think.

It’s your mindset about these false beliefs – beliefs that you are creating by letting other people get inside your head, and letting their stories somehow become your stories – that’s the problem.

The best way to fix your mindset is to stop listening to other people’s opinion about your mindset. Yes, that does even include me. Unless you choose to allow my opinion to serve you in a positive way, without limitations.

I encourage you now, if you are so inclined, to…

Stop giving other people control. Stop letting their voice infiltrate your mind. Stop letting other people hold you back because they experienced the experience differently than you have. Stop letting people program you with their struggles.

YOU are in control of your game. Play it your way. And win.