How to Land Your Emails in the GMail Primary Tab

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Are your email open rates down?

Blame Google tabs, because they’re the likely culprit. Yes, Google is our self-appointed online Nanny, dictating who gets through and who gets shuffled into the promotions tab. Sure, you open the promotions tab now and then, but do your subscribers?

In many cases they don’t.

So here’s one of my favorite blogs showing you how to get your emails into the primary tab. And no, it’s not by asking your readers to move you there (although that’s worth a shot, too.) This method is better, in that it doesn’t rely on your subscribers to move you.

Instead, it makes you look like a friend rather than a marketer, without any deception whatsoever.

Another method I use is to ask the reader to reply back to the email telling me what they are looking for. Not only does this give me instant insight into what I should offer, but it also clues Google in that we have a relationship – meaning more of my emails get through.

Do you have any tips for increasing email open rates?