Has SOP’s down to a science

There’s a reason we dubbed Lee the “SOB of SOP’s” – he’s got the art of writing SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) THAT ACTUALLY WORK down to a science! Even if you have SOP’s now, he’ll make them work 10x better. Thank you!

Knowledge + special brand of loving care

I can honestly say if you have an opportunity to work with this dynamic duo GRAB it. Their combined knowledge and special brand of loving care (yes even though loving) is unparalleled. In a world where so many are coaching with very little experience these two rise to the top not only with years of … Read more

A calm way of looking at things

Lee Collins has a calm way of looking at things from different angles to come up with unique and useful solutions to issues. He’s also wickedly smart about how to grow your business. I’d highly recommend getting time with him if you can, and listen and take notes on what is said!

Another record-breaker!

I show 330 sales as of now and we still have a day and a half to go with the last day usually being our biggest. We might have another record breaker on our hands!

Sees things I cannot see in my business

When I ask myself why we continue to work together, it comes down to one main thing: you can see things in the “matrix” of my business and marketing that I cannot see. To me that’s worth everything.

The best at identifying what is holding you back

Completing the manuscript to my book and a launch blueprint. Had a great meeting with Lee Collins this morning. He is the best at identifying what is holding you back and then giving you a solution. Thanks, Lee!

He’s smart, technical and a very good marketer

Lee Collins did a great job running my company and managing the turnaround plan. He’s smart, technical and a very good marketer – as in one of the few people who can actually write great copy that really sells. Plus in the past 18 months Lee has created processes to make the company run better … Read more

QUADRUPLED my income that first month

Just one of Lee Collins ideas impacted the way I do my entire business. I’ve got a lot less stress, finally have a method to my madness, and I’ve been able to focus on the FUN parts of my business rather than the “work”. While I initially hired Lee with borrowed money, he QUADRUPLED my … Read more