Cheryl Lester


I have two words for you Lee Collins – HOLY COW! (I would use another word, but it isn’t very lady like 😉 ) Your book – well, I shouldn’t call it a book, its more like a miracle – but anyway, your “miracle” walked me through every step. It was like it simplified everything I thought I had to do, and even added things I had completely forgotten – or didn’t even know existed – into the mix, all for one great plan. It was incredible. I spent one night, I printed out the book and read it in bed. The next evening at around 10PM, I sat down and started on Step 1. By 1AM, I had finished my first site. I had done everything from design a header graphic to publish the article and publish the site, keyword research, search engine submission, SEO analysis, PPC campaigns – everything was done. I couldn’t believe it!