There is No Recession

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There is No Recession. Not for You and Me.

Sure “they” want you to believe there is. Because it’s “their” bad decisions that got us here. And by propagating the LIE of a recession, THEY can get more money in the form of a BAILOUT from the same government that got them (and in some ways us) in trouble in the first place!

Our goal is to band together with other small business owners like you in the “There Is No Recession” Movement and take back the wealth that Wall Street and Big Business have exploited and kept to themselves for far too long!

This country belongs to the small business owner – WE keep it running, the electrician, the mechanic, the plumber, the flower shop on the corner. We keep America running.

Watch the amazing video that inspired us to create the “There Is No Recession” Movement and to Invite YOU to be a part of the Revolution of FUNdamental Change!

Read the press release and get involved now: