I'll Keep This Simple: Double Your Business - Or Pay Me Nothing.
Anybody who has struggled with growing your business (and I've been at the head of this class) knows that it's not just about traffic or leads or even sales. It's about something much bigger

The problem is: you've been fighting with the wrong tools. You've been looking in the wrong direction. So, every time you tried and failed, and every time you tried again has brought you to this most powerful moment to say, "If not now, when?" 
Are you ready? Let's do this.
"The secret of success is having systems and doing what works over and over again. Most business owners are very good at the work they do, I just help them make more money doing it. That's what I'm good at." - Lee Collins
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Lee Collins is a business and marketing growth strategist in Atlanta, Georgia. He got his start in marketing in 1999 working part-time from his home office and has generated just over $300 Million in product sales and profits for his marketing students, clients and strategic partners. All without any outside funding.

A US Air Force veteran trained in systems and Information Technology, Lee leveraged his technical and leadership training to earn VP and senior management positions with Bank of America and Electronic Data Systems (EDS) responsible for national and global operations and infrastructure. 

At the age of 38, Lee became a best-selling author and began sharing his message on stages around the world to thousands of people in 14 countries. 

On March 7, 2014 Lee’s entire world changed when he survived a massive widow-maker heart attack. In gratitude, Lee turned his focus to a path of service in leveraging his many years of experience to helping others achieve greater success in their business and life. 

Today Lee enjoys building direct response sales and marketing systems for qualified clients, while also working alongside his partners in Ruthless Marketing and mentoring a select group of private coaching students. 

Lee believes in living a No Hassle Life and creating repeatable processes that produce profits. He is well-known as "The Probability Enhancer".

He married the love of his life in 2014 and enjoys his free time practicing martial arts, camping, writing, playing Native American flute and pursuing spiritual studies.

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